...Lehel. Beauty Function Freedom.

Lehel horsebox was born from the marriage of century long craftsmanship and equestrian tradition. Since 1912 Lehel is a family run operation in the heart of Hungary. Since its foundation the company has been involved in the manufacturing of carriages, coaches and special vehicles. The product range extends from competition carriages to the most sufficticated equine or motorsport transporters.

Infinite variety, versitility and creativity is the best description of a lehel horsebox. Every lehel horsebox is built the traditional ways, with no compromise. The best quality materials, aluminium, stainles steel , real wood , reinforced glass… etc are used to make probably th e best horsebox on the world. Lehel have been strong in inventions. The first ever reinforced glass continuos window system, multiple slide outs, 100% aluminium structure , are all invented by lehel. Lehel horsebox has transfered the world of horse transporters. Ever since the arrival of these inventions mostly all other manufacturers are following and further developing these inventions. This has reshaped the horseboxes all over the world.

Lehel is dedicated to continue this way, and spends a lot if its resources on inventions and developments, to provide this special market with the best ever solution for transporting horses, and living on the events.

Every lehel horsebox is a unique prototype. Designed and built for the customer requirements, in coperation between partners, customers, designers and factory. When owning a Lehel Horsebox, you dont only have a solution for a logistical challenge, but you become member of an elite club of people who know how to enjoy horses and horse activities on the highest level. This why our slogen is Beauty function and freedom.